Prof. Prabha  Panth

Prof. Prabha Panth

I was teaching Economics at Osmania university, Hyderabad. I am also interested in reading, sewing, embroidery, knitting, and crochet. 
After my retirement, I was keen to take up art. Then I discovered the SIRI institute that taught different art media to senior citizens. So I enrolled there, and learnt how to use oils, acrylics, sand, pastels, etc. Our teachers encouraged us to participate in various national and state level competitions. And still continue to do so.

My paintings have also been displayed in  art exhibitions at local, state, national,  and international levels, both physically and online.
I have been trying out various media, but found myself comfortable with acrylics, using gesso, texture white, and sand for texture, as taught at SIRI.

I like to paint landscapes, and temple architecture (using sand), as well as coloured pencils, oil and soft pastels to paint still life, birds, animals, and flowers.