Sarjana Deshma

Sarjana Deshma

I found my very own space in art. It has been a mesmerizing 3 year journey with strokes. Colors and canvas have been my way with life. I can’t walk but they have given me wings to fly. I haven’t stepped out of my house for a long time now but I see the world in my paintings. My paintings mostly connect with Krishna, the god who emerged from my very own land Mathura. I have also tried my hand with nature, portrait and spirituality. As I said, my art is a representation of nature and god. Nature inspires me in several ways, from rising sun to freely flowing river. From a blooming flower to a curious bird. My connect with it is as simple as nature itself. 

I am born and brought in Mathura, the land of Krishna, so he lives in my mind and soul.  I have made more than 10 artworks trying to bring him out on my canvas. Having spent 3 years with my colors and brushes, they have become a part of me. That’s how I see life and people. I have till now used oil color, water color and acrylic color as the medium of colors. Hope you like my creations.

Exhibitions , Awards & Recognition 


* 2020 sigma art gallery art contest and  exhibition organized by sigma art gallery.

* 2021 khajuraho International online art exhibition 2021 organized by each walfare society.

* 2021 sanskar bharti chitrakut rashtrya online chitrakala pradarshni 2021.

* 2021 International online women art fair 2021 organized by art family.

* 2021 2nd virtual International art exhibition organized  by rainbow art world.

* 2020 art festival organized by art dom group.

* 2020 online articles exhibition organized by Indian art express.

* 2020 all India drawing contest organized by glamour event organization.

* 2020 online solo art exhibition organized by bindaas artist Group 2020.

* 2020 zernite online contest by zernite organization.

* 2020 online art exhibition organized by motion picture learners.

* 2020online art exhibition organized by art wanderers organization 2020.

* 2020 online water color competition organized by bindaas artist Group 2020.

* 2019 H.K kejriwal Foundation in collaboration with mahua art gallery.



* certificate and medal for winner of consolation prize by sigma art gallery 

* Certificate of international water color competition by bindaas artist Group.

* certificate of international online solo art exhibition by bindaas artist Group.

* certificate of khajuraho International online art exhibition by each welfare Society.

*  certificate of artdom art Festival by artdom Group.

*  certificate of online art exhibition by zernite Group.