Sudeep S  Deshpande

Sudeep S Deshpande

-  Manama City, Kingdom of Bahrain.

It gives me great joy in feeling, that, various emotions, moods, or various thoughts…have their own geometry, their own lines….their own mass and their own space. To be able to identify, FORM of a ‘mood’ and to execute it on canvas…. has always been my interest and intention…and in doing so, painting becomes ‘education’ for me. Primarily abstract in nature, my works speak of emotions, relationships…thoughts , that prevail and coexist…without a condition of being expressed in the ‘regular’ ways…. To have experienced quite often, that improvisation leads to minimalism…..thus one can find a minimalistic approach in the expression of subjects in my works. My compositions hold a tight palette , to be in context with the subject matter and its strong symbolism. My works are purely a self expression of bohemian ideas, with their austere execution, being an honest interpretation… of my world.

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